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San Diego

Welcome to the beautiful San Diego, where every arrival is the start of a new adventure! 

All the information needed to plan your stay is listed below!

H&M landing is a just 5 minute drive away from the San Diego International Airport. The Sea Harbor Hotel is a 2 minute walk from H&M Landing, surrounded by a variety of restaurants and shops to choose from.

What To Bring

What To Bring

  • ​Bedding (sleeping bag and pillow works best)

  • Soft coolers 

  •  Warm clothes

  •  Waterproof Boots

  • Personal medication

  • Sun Screen

  • Self adhesive bandage wrap

  • Personal comfort snacks optional (you will be fed well)

  • Sunglasses

  • Other necessities


If you have any dietary needs please let use know before the trip departures.

If its minor please let Chef Antonio know and he will be happy to adjust the meal plan for you.

Tackle Info

6″cedar plug in natural or painted, small jet heads, feathers in a combination of colors

2,4,6,8,16oz torpedos-2 each



florocarbon #25, #30, #40

#50, #60, #80, #100, #200


Ringed & non Ringed hooks

#4, #2, #1, #1/0, #2/0


Knife Jigs 300g-500g with large assist hooks

Colt Sniper style jigs 80g-100g with upgraded treble hook

Clear poppers

Rod Rentals

We offer some of the best rods and reels available to rent.

Most 30-40lb rod and reel combos are $50 per day and include hooks.

Heavier Rod and Reels setups 80-100lb are $150 per day and include a loaner knife jig w/ 200lb florocarbon rigging.

Contact us to reserve your rental gear.

#20, #25, #30, #40

Targeting Bluefin Tuna
50-60#, 80-100#
(We rent 30-40#, 80-130#Accurate Rods and Reels)

Fish Processing

Our crew will fillet your fish to California Fish & Game standards. You can vacuum seal this yourself at home, most sealing units can be purchased at Costco.
Please let a crew member know when you check in the galley while boarding.

We highly recommend making a reservation as soon as you book your trip.
Some processing services can be booked out several months in advance.
We don't have any pull or control with the processors. If you don't have a reservation we would suggest using our onboard processing.

Fisherman's Processing

4004 Taylor St

San Diego, Ca 92110


Sportman's Seafoods

1617 Quivia Rd

San Diego, Ca 92109


Five Star Fish Processing

3826 Sherman St.

San Diego, Ca 92110




. Arrivals .

Welcome to the beautiful San Diego, where every arrival is the start of a new adventure! 

All the information to plan out your stay is listed below!

Airport Transportation

You can schedule an Uber or Lyft, There is also a rental car service at the airport.


We recommend staying at The Sea Harbor Hotel.

They offer a discounted rate for fishing anglers and family.

Click the link below for the limited time discount.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 8.26_edited.png

. Departures .

When we arrive back at the dock, Please have all of your personal items together and be ready to step off the boat and collect your fish with guidance from the deckhands or Captain.

We recommend purchasing a soft cooler to check your fish if you are traveling. (50lbs Limit)

Do you have any more questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page below.


Family Attractions

Family Attractions

Create unforgettable family moments in San Diego!

From captivating marine life at the Birch Aquarium or SeaWorld to whimsical wonders at the world-famous San Diego Zoo, embark on a journey of laughter, learning, and joy.

Adventure awaits for every generation!

Birch Aquarium at Scripps

2300 Expedition Way

La Jolla,CA 92037

(21 Minutes Drive)

San Diego Zoo

2920 Zoo Drive

San Diego,CA 92101

(15 Minute Drive)

San Diego Natural History Museum

1788 El Prado

San Diego,CA 92101

(16 Minute Drive)

Sea World San Diego

500 Sea World Dr.

San Diego,CA 92109

(11 Minute Drive)



Dive into the diverse flavors of San Diego! Whether you crave coastal seafood, savor farm-to-table freshness, or indulge in international delights, our city's eclectic restaurants promise a feast for every palate.

Pizza Nova

5050 N Harbor Dr

San Diego, CA

(6 Minute Walk)

Point Loma Seafood

2805 Emerson St.

San Diego, CA 92106

(2 Minute Walk)

Social Tap

815 J St Suite #101

San Diego, CA 92101

(15 Minute Drive)



643 Fifth Ave

San Diego, CA 92101

(15 Minute Drive)


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